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143409, Krasnogorsk town, Uspenskaya street, 5, premises 15, office 614

About company

APEHF brings together expert practitioners in the field of forage harvesting – from the cultivation of raw materials to the production and sale of final products, and representatives of the related branches of plant growing and agricultural production.

Our mission

APEHF provides consulting and representative services to the market participants, carries out the development and maintenance of hay production on a turnkey basis. Is an exclusive distributor of specialized agricultural machinery and equipment for dehydrated feed. Acts as a trader of export supplies of hay.

  • Formation and development of the centralized hay market in Russian Federation.
  • Selection of investment sites with further comprehensive support of hay production projects in Russia.
  • Consolidation of hay produced in Russia and realization of the high export potential of the industry

About us in numbers

APEHF is a team of Professional practitioners, managers, and specialists of a narrow profile with over 10 years of experience in a forage production.
Modern technologies
in the field of growing forage crops and production of sun-cured and dehydrated hay
Detailed knowledge
of the global hay market and its trends
Unique experience
in launching factories for the production of dehydrated feed